Give Your Clients an Unforgettable Experience

Give your clients an unforgettable experience

Falcon Water Tag gives you the most advanced Water Tag battle experience in the world, and suitable for any business that deals with the field of entertainment and activity planning

The best and most advanced equipment in the world for Water Tag battle fields

The best and Most Advanced equipment in the world for Water Tag battle fields

Water Tag activities that fit for all kinds of groups! from the age of 6+

Water Tag activities that fit for All Kinds of Groups! from the age of 6+

The ability of bringing the experience and activities to everywhere on the map!

The ability of bringing the experience and activities to Everywhere on the Map!

With just $14 per person for an hour, you’ll recoup your investment in just 13 events!

Best Business Deal

Best business deal

Water tag is an extremely fun and wet activity, where players wear a special vest and use a powerful water launcher.

The vest is uniquely designed with holes at the top & a water collection compartment at the bottom with advanced measuring capabilities. Once the opposing team sprays water into your vest, a ball starts to float to the top and will display when your disqualified.

To Our Business Model

Full support from our staff

Operating other attractions that host between 30-100 participants (Laser Tag, Archery Tag, Inflatable’s, Paintball and more), your starting investment could end up costing you 3 if not 4-5 times more than Water Tag

Return Of Investments (ROI)

Setting the activity price at just $14 per person for an hour not only attracts a wide customer base but also allows you to recoup your investment in just 13 events. This unbeatable rate ensures customer satisfaction and builds a loyal following, positioning your business for long-term success.

For only $17,224 you can jump start a brand new company with all the knowledge and information, business model and all the accessories needed to host activities for groups of up to 100 people.If you want to start small you can go for our smaller packages of 30/60 sets instead of 100

Effortless mobilty for your convenience

Thanks to our special collapsible barrels there is no longer a need to transport the gear with a large van or a trailer. You can pack your gear into any small comerical vehicle. In addition, you can take it on the road to any school, camp, end of year events and more…

Dealers review
In Falcon We Don’t Compromise On

In Falcon we don’t compromise on


There aren’t many attractions that you can successfully run with groups of up to 150 people every hour with just 1 activity manager and 2 support staff members


Unlike all other water activities, there is no need for lifeguards. The game is safe for all ages from 6+


The gear is very simple and sturdy. Other than our suitcase full of sensors, the rest is completely mechanical and not electronic which creates minimal wear and tear over time

Assembly & Disassembly

To set up the entire game including filling up the barrels will take you no more than 25 mins. To disassemble, 10 mins


This if the first water war activity in the world that works on a points and rules based system

Expansion & Growth

If you start with a small package, all you’ll need to grow is more vests and water launchers. No matter what, your first purchase gives you a platform to run activities for up to 200 people per round

Your ultimate package

This ultimate package is built in such a way that if you want to expand the business, all you need is to add more launchers and vests. Assembly is simple and takes only 25 minutes. The attraction is mobile and therefore allows you to set up at any place with a connection to water

It is time to bring the Falcon experience to your clients!

Activities that your clients will never forget!

Join Our Family
Join our family

Our team of experts has been operating for many years in the field of outdoor games and attractions. That experience gives us the privilege of accompanying you from A to Z. We will make sure that you receive all the necessary information until you feel confident to move forward on your own and generate profits for your business. We’re here for you!

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